My name is Toby and I formed Spirits of Trosa during 2021.

I am from Plymouth, A town with hundreds of years of gin history. There I learned to love spirits! Smelling them, blending them into cocktails, matching the right base to the right mixer and, of course, drinking them. Trosa has been my home since 2014 and I live in a beautiful old Swedish ‘torp’ which is the source of much of the inspiration for my product. The sea and forests around me are a great resource of flavors and inspiration to create great things.

I learned the discipline of distillation during my travels in New Zealand where distillation is a hobby and passion that many were willing to share with me. I found the process of science and art fascinating and was encouraged to try more one day. So during the pandemic in 2021 I decided to found a tiny distillery in my workshop with the goal of capturing the spirit of the place I live and love in a sequence of flavors. It just so happened that the result was probably the best gin I have ever tasted, if I may say so myself! With gin on the books I look forward to crafting more things in the future.

Please contact me for any inquiries in Swedish or English.