“Klassisk, men annorlunda.” – Hans-Olov Öberg

Trosa gin was hard to create. Hundreds of hours of distilling, tasting, adjusting and improving were put in to creating a flavor which captures the spirit of my home. It speaks to long Swedish summer days spent in the archipelago. The smell of a warm pine as you sit under it for shade. Fresh citrus and summer flowers in full bloom. Playing kubb on a freshly cut lawn. Sailing through the archipelago with the fresh spray from the waves. This is what you experience when you are enjoying the taste of Trosa gin, no matter where you are.

I personally love to sip Trosa Gin as I would a single malt whisky. Below room temperature in a small glass with a narrow rim to allow the aroma to concentrate at the top. Of course, it really comes to life as a cocktail ingredient too. It’s balance is designed for exciting tonics and tall drinks. It is also traditional enough to be included in those old fashioned cocktails if you feel like taking a trip back to the golden days. Try a Trosa Lime Gimlet for example.

With no crazy ingredients that would scare off a casual enthusiast it still innovates enough to entertain you true gin geeks. The base is, of course, Juniper and Coriander with a sharp citrus peel, can you guess which? These three create the pillars to house the real fun; Japanese Star Anise, Cardamom pods and rosé pepper corns. Sea Buck-thorn and spruce shoots from our own back yard. All these ingredients wouldn’t get far without Genevieve, my beloved hand made copper pot still. She is small but has a big heart. Together we put Sweden’s smallest distillery on the map with this fresh and zesty gin.