Trosa Gin

Souvenir Trosa Snapps is a cute little bottle of Trosa. It was invented before it was even distilled during my first Midsommar in Sweden where I ate my first Midsommar feast and enjoyed Aquavit in it’s proper context. I thought how amazing the range of flavors and creativity can compliment such a festive meal. I wanted to make my own from that day and now, I get to share my ideas with the world.

It is technically an Aquavit although instead of citrus zest it uses sea-buckthorn grown locally. The orange skin gives the snaps a unique colour and tone. Carefully measured amounts of Cumin and Fennel are core for any Scandinavian spiced spirit. Combined with exotic star anise this snaps comes to life at the dinner table and is best enjoyed cold as an aperitif or digestive. It’s full bodied and juicy with a bold bitter finish. The robust herbal character is well balanced with the sweeter tones from the citrus and spicey star anis, everything about this combination makes me feel festive and summery.

The little bottle is a perfect sampler on the table with friends or as a gift for those who could use a trip to the seaside!